We help to build a solid online presence,
unleash it’s maximum potential &
thrive in a digital jungle.

We help to build a solid online presence, unleash it’s maximum potential & thrive in a digital jungle.

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Our Expertise

Website Design & Development

Either you provide a silk-smooth website experience or the smart guy next door gets your customers. That's pretty much all there is to say.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Throwing good parties is an art. Today you make people happy - tomorrow they bring friends. SEO is like parties for search engine robots. And then they start bringing you visitors.

Copywriting & Content Marketing

Good content is a must. Let's be more specific: fu*king epic content is a must, from first impression to the proposal. No boring AI texts here. We unleash highly-targeted monsters that your visitors(and search robots) will love & return for more.

Social Media Management

Fun fact: social media is critical for business success today. Not fun: it can be tiring to post cool stuff to engage your audience. Sit back, focus on the other things & watch your brand loyalty growing like a bamboo.

Not sure what your business needs?
We'll research & help you choose👇


Our primary digital audit answers these and many other questions. We’ll research and tell you what should be improved. Quickly, honestly, and without technical BS – in “plain English”.

Free & non-obligatory. Results within 48 hours.

Who We Are

Free-spirits. Geeks. Artists. A team of brave warriors in a digital jungle.

Imagine working from a beach hammock. Fresh breeze, sounds of waves & sips of a sweet coconut from time to time. Life’s good, you’re happy & inspired to create something beautiful.

That’s us – we absorb them good vibes to create good things.

Our approach is simple: get happy → work happy → make others happy with your work.

Why Choose Us?

Giving back to humanity 🤲

We're helping various Nonprofit Organizations with their missions by offering pro-bono digital services for NPOs.

1% for the Planet 🌴

We love our home! 1% or more of our yearly revenue goes to our beautiful Earth.

We're chill 🤙

We're people, not cold corporate robots. You can be yourself with us. Also, forget the technical bullshit. We talk your language.

Simple people 🏄‍♂️

A squad of travelers & geeks, not a soulless corporation. By choosing us you support families, not stockholders' luxury car parks.

We always tell the truth ☝️

That's one of our core principles. From our services to contracts, everything is simple, honest, and transparent.

World Citizens 🌍

We love traveling & working with people from all around the world. Europe to America, Asia to Oceania - ALOHA to you all!

Let's make waves.